Friday, February 10, 2012

Israel will not bomb Iran this year

Increasingly, talking about Iran as a nuclear threat is becoming an exclusive hobby for politicians. Although some of the Arab regimes feel equally threatened by a nuclear Iran, only Israel seems to emerge as the subject of this threat. Israeli leaders have made it clear that a nuclear Iran is an existential threat and that they will do whatever is necessary to eliminate that threat, including a preemptive military attack. Unexpectedly, some U.S. officials, including Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta, went as far as setting a time for such an Israeli military strike: this spring. Nonetheless, here are several reasons why, in my opinion, Israel will not attack Iran this year.


Israel isn't likely to strike Iran - this time
Israel's belligerent talk is likely to be just that - talk. But that doesn't mean the regional upheaval couldn't make the nuclear threats facing us much, much worse.

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